The HPD Open Standard is needed to ensure that information being provided by product companies about their products, and being used by those specifying and selecting products, is reported in a a manner that is accurate, reliable and consistent across product categories.  This is accomplished by the Standard through a fixed format and a set of instructions for reporting and using this information.  Consistency of reporting is particularly important for enabling product-to-product comparison of this information, including across the many product categories comprehended within the built environment, where the products themselves are vastly different.

Use of the HPD Open Standard helps reduce confusion associated with multiple, overlapping – and sometimes conflicting – reporting formats for product content by providing a standard format with verifiable information that can be used by product certifications and standard setting organizations.

Use of the HPD Open Standard supports transparency initiatives by enabling accurate and consistent disclosure of product content and associated health information, as well as its publication in the HPD Open Standard Format.