The multitude of product content reporting standards and programs has caused confusion and increased costs of doing business in the building industry. The HPD Open Standard enables requests for product contents and health information to be sent and answered in a common format. This will reduce confusion about what information to request and report, and reduce the costs associated with disclosure in multiple formats.  This format has been harmonized with several tools that use data on product contents and health such as Cradle to Cradle and GreenScreen.

Before the Health Product Declaration existed, getting product content information was a difficult and time-consuming process for everybody. Now, the HPD  allows manufacturers to better understand their supply chains and product composition and consumers to better understand product contents and health information. As completed HPDs become more widely available they will catalyze innovation towards a next generation of healthier products and materials, reflecting the insights and knowledge gained through this disclosure standard.

As a transparent standard with a fixed format for disclosure, the HPD makes it clear what information is being shared and what information is not. This allows customers to better evaluate a product before purchasing it.