If you are interested in using HPDs for product selection or research, you can access information about the HPD Open Standard by clicking here.

If you are wanting to create an HPD, you will most likely be interested in using an online tool offered by the HPDC, called the HPD Builder.  Unlimited use of the HPD Builder is available as a member benefit to HPDC members.  Limited use can be purchased via a 5-pack of tokens, which will allow you to create five HPDs.

If you are already an HPDC member, but have not received a token to use the HPD Builder, please create a ticket on this support site, and request a Builder token.


If you are interested to learn about HPDC membership, here is a link to that information.

If you are interested in obtaining a 5-pack of HPD Builder tokens, please click on this link.

Once you have either joined HPDC or obtained the 5-pack of tokens, you will need to register for the HPD Builder.  Please follow the steps below:

  1. Set up an account with the online HPD® builder at https://builder.hpd-collaborative.org/register.
  2. Once registered, login to your HPD account and create your first HPD.

If you can’t find an answer for your particular question on this FAQ page, then contact us at http://www.hpd-collaborative.org/contact-us/