HPDC launched the HPD Public Repository in October 2016, a new capability developed to provide the industry with a single, authoritative source for publicly available HPDs. Publishing your HPDs to the Public Repository provides the easiest path for the users of your products to find the associated HPDs. It also signals your company’s commitment to disclosure and transparency to have your HPDs publicly available in the HPD Public Repository.

When a manufacturer publishes an HPD using the HPD Builder, it is automatically uploaded to the Repository as a PDF file. HPDs that have been created by means other than the HPD Builder can also be uploaded to the Repository by the manufacturer. Once uploaded, an HPD is considered to be a “Public HPD.” Uploaded PDFs are then searchable and available to be downloaded by users – Architects, Designers, Project Teams, Property owners or any interested party. A simple search capability is available to aid in finding HPDs by Manufacturer, Product Name, CSI MasterFormat® Classification or HPD version.