Yes, the HPD Public Repository is a new capability that has been developed by HPDC to provide the industry with a single, authoritative source for publicly available HPDs. Publishing your HPDs to the Public Repository provides the easiest path for the users of your products to find the associated HPDs. It also signals your company’s commitment to disclosure and transparency to have your HPDs publicly available in the HPD Public Repository.

Builder Version 2.0 has the capability to make HPD 2.0 formatted HPDs publicly available.  As a manufacturer, when you click “Preview and Publish HPD” in Builder Version 2, you are given the option to create a preview Adobe PDF, and if complete, publish the PDF. The preview button gives you a draft PDF for internal use, and the publish option creates a final PDF including a link to the PDF on the HPD Collaborative site. This was designed to allow manufacturers time to create a place for the PDF on their own site, but can be shared with others. This part of the website is not searchable, and so it is a private link.