Use of Health Product Declarations (HPDs) is one of the most common and easy ways of gathering documentation for compliance with LEED v4 MRc: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization: Material Ingredients

All HPD versions can be used to contribute to credit compliance. However, LEED has specific requirements that not all HPDs meet. For specific guidance on which HPDs qualify, visit this page on the HPDC website. To find HPDs that have been pre-screened for LEED v4 compliance, use the search filters in the HPD Public Repository.

The same overall requirements apply to LEED v4.1 as to LEED v4, but there are changes in the Option 2 requirements for LEED v4.1 that are not yet reflected in HPDC's search filters. We will update this FAQ when those updates are made. If you have questions about specific HPDs being compliant with LEED v4, please contact customer support.