No, verification of completed HPDs will be a service performed by certified 3rd party providers.  On October 24, 2017, the HPD Collaborative (HPDC) announced the approval of its Third-Party Verification Program.

The Third-Party Verification Program has been established to manage the credentialing and methodology for independent review and verification of completed Health Product Declarations® (HPDs).  The basic quality assurance provided by the Third Party Verification Program is that the verification is conducted through an objective process by an independent, approved Third Party Verifier.  Verification is a separate process, distinct from the creation of the HPD by the manufacturer or a consulting preparer.  Verification is initiated by the manufacturer of the product, by contracting with an HPDC-approved Third Party Verifier.  Under the guidelines of the program, approved Third Party Verifiers may not be the product manufacturer.  If a Third Party Preparer has created the HPD on behalf of the manufacturer, even if certified as a Third Party Verifier, they may not verify HPDs that they have created.