The HPD Builder is available as a benefit of membership in the HPD Collaborative.  

  • If you are already an HPDC member, but have not received a "token" for the Builder, you will need to request access to the Builder and receive a "Token" that will enable you to register to use. To request access please create a ticket here on the support portal requesting access, or contact our membership department by email at
  • If you are not an HPDC member, you may wish to consider joining HPDC, and receiving access to the Builder as a membership benefit. Here is the link to our membership information, including an online application.
  • Another option is to purchase a 5-pack of Builder tokens, which will allow you to create five HPDs. If you wish to upgrade to HPDC Membership after purchasing the tokens, we will credit your token payment to your annual membership dues within 30 days of the purchase. Here is the link to purchase a Builder token 5-pack.

Once you have received your token, you will need to register for a Builder account. This is a separate registration from your HPDC Membership registration.  You will receive an email requesting verification and then a confirmation email that your account has been set up.