The HPD Builder is an interactive online tool built and maintained by HPDC to facilitate the creation and publishing of an HPD. It guides manufacturers to enter data, perform hazard screening, and format HPD reports to help ensure compliance with the HPD Open Standard. The Builder is set up to ask  for all required data and will also perform some automated quality-control checks. The Builder includes a tour to introduce you to new features, and you can access this support portal with questions.

Currently the HPD Builder is the only automated tool compliant with the full HPD Open Standard. Manufacturers using Toxnot to manage their chemical data can use that tool to gather information and then export it to the HPD Builder to complete the publishing process.

In addition to the HPD Builder, HPDC offers the HPD Public Repository. The HPD Public Repository is the authoritative and required location for published, i.e., publicly released, HPDs. When a manufacturer publishes an HPD using the HPD Builder, it is automatically uploaded to the HPD Public Repository.