For most product companies and manufacturers, the best way to create an HPD is going to be by using the HPD 2.0 Builder.  The "Builder" is an automated system that will guide you through the sections of the HPD.  You will enter the data about your product.  When completed, you will be able to produce your HPD in a PDF format, which you can print.

Here is the link to the HPD 2.0 Builder. At this link you will find the HPD 2.0 Builder.  You will also find a series of webcasts that will introduce you to how to use the Builder.

In addition to the Builder 2.0, HPDC offers the HPD Public Repository, the authoritative source for published HPDs. The HPD Public Repository provides the easiest path for the users of your products to find the associated HPDs. It also signals your company’s commitment to disclosure and transparency to have your HPDs publicly available in the HPD Public Repository.