A manufacturer may elect to withdraw an HPD from the HPD Public Repository after it is published. For example, a manufacturer may wish to withdraw an HPD published with erroneous data, especially if they are not ready to immediately fix the error. Or they simply may want to withdraw it in order to immediately update and republish it.

A withdrawn HPD will appear in a list of “Withdrawn HPDs” in the HPD Public Repository but will no longer be available to download by users of the Repository. A withdrawn HPD becomes “unpublished.” An unpublished HPD is no longer a public document and may not be shared with external parties or posted publicly.

You may withdraw a published HPD following the steps below: 


  1. Login into the HPD Builder.
  2. Go to "Dashboard."
  3. Click the "Manage" button next to the product name for the HPD you want to withdraw.
  4. Go to "Published Actions" and select "Withdraw HPD from Repository." Confirm the action.

That's it!