In response to the HPD Open Standard version 2.1, which was publicly released on May 19, 2017, we have upgraded the HPD Builder to reflect changes in the standard.

Here what's new in 2.1:
  • Ensures conformance to HPD Open Standard 2.1       
  • The Builder now provides three options for reporting the content inventory:                
        - Nested Inventory with Material Level Thresholds                
        - Basic Inventory with Product Level Thresholds                
        - Nested Inventory with Product Level Thresholds            
  • Product level thresholds are now available to harmonize with LEED v4 requirements
  • Residuals and Impurities notes now have a dedicated area adjacent to the Material or Product Notes
  • The Builder now provides an automatic completeness check as the HPD is created
  • Builder users are now able to reduce the clutter in their dashboards by deleting product records that have not been published and deleting products that have no product records
  • Preparer ID and Third Party Verification will be available when the HPDC Third Party Verification program is released later in 2017