HPDs published under versions 2.0, 2.1 or 2.1.1 of the HPD Open Standard may be updated to the current version of the HPD Open Standard: version 2.2.

  1. Log in to HPD Builder.
  2. Go to your Dashboard > Open Workspace > Record > Update to v.2.2
  3. Click on the new record and look for the Compliance Check Issues button at the top right of each section to find fields that need updating or suggestions for improvement. The color of the "Issues" button shows the status of the section:

Issues the section is compliant and ready to publish

Issues there are suggestions for improvement but the HPD can still be published

Issues there are issues that must be fixed before the HPD can be published

       4. Update the HPD per Compliance Check requirements. Refer to the instructions in the HPD Builder, and to HPD                Open Standard v2.2 for further guidance on  sections that need to be updated. 

       5. Go to Section 6: References and Publish your v2.2 HPD!

We would also recommend becoming familiar with the details of HPD v2.2 by downloading and reading the HPD v2.2 standard, and by reviewing this FAQ.