The LEED PreCheck Indicator is a preliminary indicator of consistency with specific requirements of the LEED v4 Building Products Disclosure and Optimization: Material Ingredients credit. It is designed to assist both project teams and manufacturers in determining whether a completed HPD meets LEED requirements. If an HPD displays positive results from the LEED PreCheck, it is a strong indication that the HPD meets LEED v4 requirements.

Checking for PreCheck results

The LEED PreCheck is available to manufacturers publishing HPDs using the HPD Builder, and then manufacturers can choose to display the result of the pre-check on an HPD. HPDs with positive results can be found through a search filter in the HPD Public Repository.

If the requirements of the PreCheck are met for one or more options, the following will be printed on the HPD in the lower right of the summary page: "Pre-checked for LEED v4 Material Ingredients," and then Option 1 and/or Option 2 will be listed. If the requirements are not met or the optional pre-check was not conducted by the manufacturer, the following will be printed on the HPD: “No pre-checks completed or disclosed.”

An automated PreCheck

The PreCheck is an automated check. It checks for the presence of data in specific fields, and when multiple choices are available, it checks for the correct option. However, the Pre-Check does not check the validity of data within text fields, and given the variety of building products available and the number of options manufacturers have for reporting them on an HPD, the LEED Pre-Check cannot check for all possible variations and errors on an HPD. There are a few reports of HPDs passing the LEED pre-check and then failing the LEED review, but the PreCheck should not be viewed as a guarantee of LEED v4 compliance. Additional review is recommended.

What the LEED PreCheck checks for

HPD's LEED PreCheck is aligned with the requirements as outlined on our website. These include:

  • Threshold level: 1,000 or 100 ppm per Material or Product
  • Residuals and Impurities: Considered or not considered, or partially considered for Basic Inventory. Explanation In Residuals and Impurities Notes is present.
  • Characterized: Must be “Yes"
  • Screened: Must be “Yes"
  • Identified: Any entry is valid
  • Completeness Check: All data fields required by the HPD Open Standard must have data present
  • Published to HPD Public Repository; URL must be provided (URL is inserted at the publication of the HPD after Pre-Check is conducted)
  • Complete inventory of Materials: The sum of % amounts of all materials should be 100%; if ranges are used, the total of the highest % in all ranges must be 100% or more
  • Substances: The sum of % amounts of all substances under each material can be lower than 100% since substances below the threshold are not listed. In most cases, this total should be at least 90%.