The LEED Pre-Check Indicators is a preliminary indicator of consistency with specific requirements of LEED v4 Material Ingredients credit.  The indicator results from a mechanical cross-checking of inventory method; threshold; residuals and impurities; characterized, screened, and identified indicators with the specific requirements of the LEED v4 credit; and check of presence of entries for all fields required by HPD Open Standard.  This pre-check does not assess data quality, compliance of the HPD with the HPD Open Standard requirements, or requirements for publication.

If the requirements of the Pre-Check are met for one or more option, the following will be printed on the HPD:  “LEED v4 Material Ingredients Option 1 and/ or Option 2.  If the requirements are not met or the optional pre-check is not conducted, the following will be printed on the HPD:  “No pre-checks completed or disclosed.”