First step is to invite suppliers/consultants as team members to your Builder account. The "Invite team member" button is located on the top left of your Dashboard. Your suppliers will receive an email notifying them of the invitation. Once the suppliers/consultants have accessed the Builder, they will see your HPDs on their Builder account dashboard and should follow the steps below (in order):

  1. Go to Add Substance and select Manual Substance
  2. Search substance in "CAS RN# or Identifier" search box and select the substance.
  3. Replace the name of the substance with "Proprietary". You may add tags to track multiple proprietary substances in the same HPD. i.e.: Proprietary A, B, or C, or Proprietary pigment.
  4. Select "Do not disclose the name of this substance on the HPD
  5. Select I do not want to disclose this substance's CAS RN #.
  6. Enter the rest of the substance data and save.

This process is extremely safe for suppliers proprietary data. Once a substance has been entered to the HPD following the steps above, it is impossible for any user to go back and see the substance CAS number given that the add new substance screen is not editable.