The HPDC Third Party Verification Program provides the following benefits:

  • To HPD Users – Third-party verification provides an added level of confidence in the information contained in a completed HPD. Verified HPDs will meet the requirements of certification programs requiring the use of independently verified information. The Third-Party Verification process performs the cross-checks for data completeness and consistency that can be a time-consuming activity for project teams, thus reducing time and effort when using HPDs for certification documentation or other project needs.
  • To Manufacturers – The Third-Party Verification program provides an authoritative method for verifying HPDs. The program’s credentialing process provides a source of consultants who have been vetted and approved to carry out the program, as well as ongoing audits to ensure program guidance compliance. It also gives manufacturers the opportunity to have their self-reported HPDs verified by an independent and recognized expert as fully compliant with the HPD Open Standard, providing their current and prospective customers with an added level of confidence in their products. The verification process provides manufacturers with constructive feedback about their processes for creating their HPDs, and can assist in verifying information provided by suppliers.
  • To Verifiers – The Third-Party Verification program provides a clear set of guidelines for becoming an approved provider of HPD verification services. Becoming an approved provider gives complete assurance to clients that the verifier is authorized to conduct verifications that comply with HPDC standards. Because the Third-Party Verification Program is overseen by a dedicated HPDC Technical Sub-Group and the HPDC Technical Committee, the tools and framework necessary for completing verifications, will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, through a defined, stakeholder-process, to ensure that they are rigorous, fairly applied and reflect the ongoing evolution of the HPD Open Standard as experience is gained in the creation and use of HPDs.

More information on HPD's Third-Party Verification program is available on the HPDC website.