The Third Party Verification Program is managed by the HPD Collaborative (HPDC) and has been established to manage the credentialing and methodology for independent review and verification of completed Health Product Declarations (HPDs).  The basic quality assurance provided by the Third Party Verification Program is that the verification is conducted through an objective process by an independent, approved Third Party Verifier.  Verification is a separate process, distinct from the preparation of the HPD by the manufacturer or a consulting preparer.  Verification is initiated by the manufacturer of the product, by contracting with an HPDC-approved Third Party Verifier.  If a Third Party Preparer has prepared the HPD on behalf of the manufacturer, even if certified as a Third Party Verifier, they may not verify HPDs that they have prepared.

The Program provides a framework for an additional level of assurance that a completed Health Product Declaration (HPD) fully complies with the HPD Open Standard, includes the data elements required by specified certifications (such as LEED), and that the data reported in the HPD has been source-verified.  By establishing a standard methodology for verification, as well as rigorous requirements and an approval process for verifiers, the Program provides documented evidence of verification by qualified experts.  By having their HPDs verified, manufacturers provide the users of their products with an extra measure of confidence that the reported information is credible.