In order to ensure the quality of Published HPDs, an HPDC Quality Control Protocol and Procedure for Published HPDs has been established.

This Protocol went into effect on December 11, 2017, and ensures that HPDs published to the HPD Public Repository (the authoritative method for publishing HPDs) meet the requirements for compliance, as stated in the HPD Open Standard. The Quality Control Protocol applies to all published HPDs, HPD Open Standard version 2.1 and subsequent versions.

  • For HPDs published to the HPD Public Repository using the HPD Builder, all required quality control checks are performed automatically by the HPD Builder. If you have published your HPDs using the HPD Builder, no further action is necessary.
  • For HPDs that are manually uploaded for publishing to the HPD Public Repository, the required quality control checks will be performed by HPDC staff. Further action may be required in the event a non-compliance is found. Please see the Protocol for a full description of the quality checks to be performed, and the implementation protocol.