The HPDC Third Party Verification Program enables manufacturers to work with independent verifiers to ensure that HPDs they have created are compliant with the HPD Open Standard. The Program is underpinned by the credibility of the HPD Open Standard and the expertise of the third-party verifiers. This expertise is determined through a rigorous application and approval process, backed up with periodic audits to ensure continued compliance with program guidelines, and overseen by HPDC staff and the HPDC Technical Committee. Upon successful approval, firms become an “Approved Verifier” and are authorized to display the HPDC logo with this designation. Each verifier has a unique system and pricing model for conducting verifications, as well as additional services they may offer.

HPDC encourages you to visit our website and explore the Approved Verifiers in our Program.

 If you have questions about the Third-Party Verification program, or are interested in becoming an Approved Verifier, please contact us at