HPDC released the HPD Open Standard version 2.1.1 on July 2, 2018. 

This Release provides the official Standard document, as well as descriptive materials that explain updated features. Full Implementation of HPD v2.1.1 will be concurrent with the availability of the updated HPD Builder tool, planned for mid-September 2018, at which time HPD v2.1.1 will become the “Effective” HPD Open Standard.

Following the Effective Date, all newly published HPDs will need to be compliant with HPD v2.1.1. New HPDs created using the HPD Builder, and any other Standard-compliant automated tool, will automatically be created under HPD v2.1.1. Within the HPD Builder tool manufacturers will, at their option, be able to update an existing HPD v2.1 to the v2.1.1 revision. HPDs completed under previous versions of the HPD Open Standard will remain valid through their existing expiry dates.