A Mixed Recycled Content material includes recycled content of mixed/unknown composition and/or composition that varies on a batch-by-batch basis. Such materials may come from a post-consumer source where there is low regard for separation, identification, and/or cleaning the materials to a higher level of purity.

Recycled content with well-defined composition that can be identified with CAS numbers of known chemical substances does not fall under this Special Condition, and should be inventoried under the standard HPD method.

Manufacturers noting Mixed Recycled Content in an HPD can use “SC:MixedRC” notation, and can enter a series of optional notes on the substance(s), such as whether testing is performed on the substance(s), how it is inventoried, where geographically it is sourced, and why there is limited information on it.

This is just a summary; detailed information is available in HPDC’s Emerging Best Practices guidance.