In preparation for our upgrade to version 2.1.1 we have updated the HPD Builder user interface (UI).

The new UI was developed to allow the implementation of future functionality required to support the HPD Open Standard 2.1.1 changes, including Special Conditions.  We are introducing it before the rest of the 2.1.1 changes to give you time to get adjusted to it before learning the other new features.

There is a quick tour that is available when you first log in, that will introduce you to the new screens and overall organization of the data entry process. There is also a “Walkthrough” video available from the Build Record screen where you’ll begin working on your HPD.

Other new features include:

  • Direct access to data entry screens without having to navigate through the HPD format
  • Quick access to preview the HPD format when you want to
  • Additional data checks when saving information, to make sure that required data is included
  • “On Demand” instructions for a cleaner screen design, while keeping the instructions at your fingertips
  • Enhanced navigation information to show where you are in the system and allow you to quickly move to other screens

HPD Open Standard V2.1.1 was released on July 2, 2018 and is a “dot-dot” release of the Standard, version 2.1.  It contains several focused and time-critical updates:

Four Special Conditions have been released in Emerging Best Practices, following development within the HPDC Technical Committee and Technical Sub-Groups. These will now be available through the Builder and include:

  • Biological Material
  • Geological Material
  • Mixed Recycled Content
  • Electronics

In the area of Hazard Screening we need to align with the latest version of GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals and List Translator™. We have also included updates that further harmonize List Translator implementation methods.

For a more complete summary of the 2.1.1 changes, and to download the full 2.1.1 Standard, go to our website:

The full 2.1.1 implementation is planned for late-October at which time all newly created or published HPDs will be in the 2.1.1 format and you will have the option of upgrading existing 2.1 HPDs as well.