In 2018, the HPD Builder user interface (UI) was  updated to accommodate compliance with HPD Open Standard version 2.1.1 (view articles on what's new in HPD v2.1.1), including Special Conditions.

There is a quick tour that is available when you first log in that will introduce you to the new screens and overall organization of the data entry process. There is also a “Walkthrough” video available from the Build Record screen where you’ll begin working on your HPD.

Other new features include:

  • Direct access to data entry screens without having to navigate through the HPD format
  • Quick access to preview the HPD format anytime
  • New data checks when saving information, to make sure that required data is included
  • “On Demand” instructions for a cleaner screen design, while keeping the instructions at your fingertips
  • Enhanced navigation information to show where you are in the system and allow you to quickly move to other screens