If you are a manufacturer using the HPD Builder to publish an HPD and it does not pass the LEED Pre-Check, review the feedback given in the Builder. Perhaps you simply skipped over a required field and can easily address the issue. Particularly when it comes to Option 2 compliance, other issues may be more fundamental to your product and its composition and may require reformulation, chemical assessment, or other steps. Review possible steps and assess feasibility. If you have a question about LEED v4 compliance, ask HPDC customer support.

If you are on a LEED project team, review the HPD and identify what prevents it from being LEED compliant. You may also ask the manufacturer (use the contact information listed on the HPD) or HPDC customer support for help. Once you have identified the issue, let the manufacturer know and ask if they can resolve it. Project teams that indicate that this is important to their project goals and to specifying the product are often able to make progress here—both for their projects and for creating progress in transparent and optimized building products.