There are a couple of reasons why you might want to re-run the LEED Pre-Check on an HPD you've created in the HPD Builder:

  • Your product formulation might have changed and you want to see if you comply better with LEED v4 requirements.
  • You didn't originally run the LEED Pre-Check and you want to run it now because a LEED project team asked for it.
  • You want to check your HPD against HPDC's updated LEED Pre-Check that as of March 29, 2019 allows LT-P1 substances in Option 2 (read more on this).

Here's how to re-run the LEED Pre-Check and re-publish your HPD with the result:.

  • Go to your Dashboard in the HPD Builder and click "Manage" for the appropriate Product Record and select "Withdraw HPD from Repository" under "Published Actions." If updating an HPD from a previous version, you also must upgrade the record to the current HPD version.
  • Go to the bottom of Section 6 References
  • Click the [Cancel LEED v4 Precheck] button
  • The button will change to [Conduct LEED v4 Precheck] 
  • Click the button to re-run the Precheck
  • If your Pre-Check status has changed, you can now re-publish the HPD to make public its new LEED Pre-Check status:
    • On your Dashboard, click the [Manage] button for the appropriate Product Record and withdraw the published HPD.
    • Go back to the bottom of Section 6 References and click the [Publish] button to republish the updated HPD.

If an HPD has been manually published using the manual publishing feature of the HPD Public Repository, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that the LEED Pre-Check calculation is updated to reflect this new guidance. If not, the HPD will not pass the Quality Control Protocol, and will need to be updated in order to be fully published in the HPD Public Repository.

If you have any questions, please contact HPDC Customer Support via this support portal.