The HPD Open Standard is published in English and there is not currently an approved process for officially translating HPDs to non-English languages. The HPD and the HPD Open Standard use technical terminology. Translating those terms into additional languages, as well as synchronizing underlying data protocols using multiple languages, is a significant undertaking. For most international business situations, English has been sufficient, and building an official version of the HPD Open Standard in other languages is beyond the scope of the HPD Collaborative at this time.


For a variety of reasons, manufacturers may want to translate an HPD into another language. This is allowed, with three conditions:

  1. The translated version must refer to the published English-language version in the HPD Public Repository as the official HPD report.
  2. The translated version is meant for direct distribution for business purposes and should not be published, or broadly distributed.
  3. The following notices must be displayed at the top of the first page of the translated report, and the footnote below must be displayed on all subsequent pages. These notices may be displayed in English or translated into the same language used in the translated report.

Statement to be Displayed at the Top of First Page of Translated Report

The following non-English language version of the HPD report for [insert: “Manufacturer, Product Name” as indicated on the HPD report], published on [insert: Publication Date from HPD report], was prepared by [insert: company providing translation].  It is provided solely to assist the manufacturer in communicating information about its products. As a user of this translation, you are advised that the official version of this HPD report remains the authoritative disclosure of the manufacturer. To access the official version, visit the HPD Public Repository, the authoritative source of published HPDs. For further information about published HPDs and the HPD Open Standard, contact HPD Collaborative at, or visit


Footnote to be Displayed on all subsequent pages of translated report

*This HPD report is a non-official translation. Please see Page 1 of this report for further information on access to the official published version.