The HPD Builder Version 2.3 is scheduled to launch on July 11, 2022. Please take the time to review all the updates implemented in each section of the HPD Builder V2.3 and the HPD format. 

Updates to HPD Builder 

Changes in this list are also reflected in the PDF format when applicable.


Section 1: General Information

  1. N/A option for CSI Masterformat included.  

  2. Masterformat N/A explanatory fields included

Section 1: VOC Content Data

  1. “Are ultra-low VOC tints available?” section changed to “Are colorants available that do not increase the VOC content of the base paint when tinted? 

Section 2: Product/ Nested Materials

  1. Material HPD URL field removed

  2. Section name changed from “Materials” to “Nested Materials”

  3. “Add Material - Special Conditions” option removed. SC materials are now enter in the next section (See below)

  4. Residuals and Impurities text updated 

  5. New field to indicate alternate materials included

Section 2: Substances & Materials

  1. Section name changed from “Substances” to “Substances and Materials”

  2. New field to indicate alternate substances included

  3. “Add Substance - Special Conditions” option removed

  4. New Material Data Element included as a new tab under “Substances and Materials” created to report Special Conditions Materials.

  5. New Special Condition policies implemented. The 2.3 Builder now supports:

    1. Biological Materials

    2. Geological Materials

    3. Mixed Recycled Content

    4. Electronic components

    5. Form-specific hazards (New in Builder 2.3)

    6. Minor Fasteners (New in Builder 2.3)

    7. Metal alloys (New in Builder 2.3)

  6.  “Add Substance - Manual Substance” option merged into “Add substance” option.

  7. Substance notes now required when any type of recycled content is selected 

  8. Priority Hazard List updated

  9. New “Additional Listings” section included that reports when substances appear on key restricted substances lists (RSLs) or other non-hazard listings that are complementary to the hazard listings on an HPD.

  10. Substance notes for recycled content screen validation.

Section 3. Certification and Compliance

  1. Validity of Certifications and Compliance updates to allow expired certifications up to 1 year

  2. New fields to indicate "inherently non-emitting source as per LEED" and “N/A” when product has not been certified or tested for VOC emissions.

Section 4. Accessories

  1. “Accessory type” and “Manufacturer” fields added to promote the use of the accessories section.

  2. Colorant systems reporting required for tintable products. 

Section 5. General Notes

No changes in this section.

Section 6. Contact Info & Publication

  1. LEED pre-check moved to new section “LEED & Program Pre-checks”

Antimicrobials Best Practices. Section Appendix.

  1. Optional section to report antimicrobial content added

LEED & Program Pre-checks. Section Appendix.

  1. LEED Pre-check for v4.1 options included.

Updates to PDF format-only

  1. Draft HPDs are now in gray scale

  2. Watermark text updated to “Draft HPD not Published”

  3. Third-Party Verified Logo displayed at the top right of page 1

  4. Indicators for Characterized, Screened, Identified for Special Conditions removed.

  5. “GS” spelled out as “GreenScreen” 

  6. “Contents highest concern GreenScreen” changed to “Contents highest-concern GreenScreen score(s) (BM-1, LT-1, LT-P1)”

  7. Hazard Screening Method changed to “Hazard Data Source”

  8. GreenScreen Key test updated