July 2022 - HPDC introduced its open membership structure in 2015.  Annual dues have remained at the same level ($1500 for General Members, $500 for Affiliate Members) since then.  Our costs have increased significantly over these seven years, and we are finding we need to increase our membership annual dues at this time to $2000 for General Members and $750 for Affiliate Members.  All membership benefits remain the same, including unlimited HPD creation and publishing using the HPD Builder and HPD Public Repository.  

As a member, your membership dues and participation are what is making the strong advancement of material health practice happen.  Based on the growing participation of manufacturers and project design teams, in June 2022 we reached the milestone of 10,000 published HPD reports, representing over 40,000 individual building product SKUs.  These have been published by over 700 manufacturers, with 150-200 new HPDs now being published monthly.  Over 3100 project design teams are now participating with the LEED v4.1 Material Ingredients Disclosure and Optimization credit.  

HPDs and the HPD Open Standard provide the broad foundation that is advancing material health practice on a continual basis.  Also in July we are launching into production the newest update to the HPD Open Standard: Version 2.3 .  Many new features will be available to manufacturers and project design teams in the HPD Builder and HPD Public Repository to support and advance your practice of material health.  For more information on the v2.3 release, visit our HPDC website by clicking on this link.  

Thank you for supporting the work of the Material Health Community of Practice as an HPDC member.  If you have any questions, please use the Support Portal ticket system to reach our HPDC Support Team.