In December 2018, HPDC completed implementation of HPD Open Standard v2.1.1. As of that date, all new HPDs must use HPD v2.1.1. Existing, valid HPDs published under version 2.1 remain valid until their expiration date (unless they are withdrawn or updated prior to that date).

The following provides background information on HPD Open Standard v2.1. HPD v2.1 was a  relatively minor update to version 2.0. It addressed version 2.0 errata/workarounds, clarifications to version 2.0, and provided some new, optional features to add to the ease of creating and using HPDs. Key elements of the 2.1 revision were:

Harmonization with LEED v4 Material Ingredients credit requirements

  • Harmonize Content Inventory formats
  • LEED “pre-check” indicator - mechanical check to determine if LEED-required data elements are present - does not evaluate content for correctness

Clarifications of existing content

  • Clarify “Checklist” for compliant HPD
  • Add separate lines for Product and Manufacturer Names
  • Change “UNK” to “NoGS” for no GreenScreen listing
  • In Exclusions revise Introduction and Disclaimer
  • In References clarify Manufacturer Contact Name to reflect responsibility for content of HPD
  • In Section 4: Accessories add response to indicate no accessories required

Updates to existing content

  • Update Third Party Verification data fields to include third party verification status, identify preparers and/ or verifiers
  • Update Publication to reflect HPDC Public Repository
  • Update Priority Hazard Lists
  • Correct references to GreenScreen to reflect trademark
  • Update references to GreenScreen Benchmarks
  • Check and update all referenced links
  • Update references and links to HPDC website
  • Update Glossary