Note: HPD v2.1 is no longer the current version of the HPD Open Standard.

The following provides background information on HPD Open Standard v2.1. HPD v2.1 was a  relatively minor update to version 2.0. It addressed version 2.0 errata/workarounds, clarifications to version 2.0, and provided some new, optional features to add to the ease of creating and using HPDs. Key elements of the 2.1 revision were:

Harmonization with LEED v4 Material Ingredients credit requirements

  • Harmonize Content Inventory formats
  • LEED “pre-check” indicator - mechanical check to determine if LEED-required data elements are present - does not evaluate content for correctness

Clarifications of existing content

  • Clarify “Checklist” for compliant HPD
  • Add separate lines for Product and Manufacturer Names
  • Change “UNK” to “NoGS” for no GreenScreen listing
  • In Exclusions revise Introduction and Disclaimer
  • In References clarify Manufacturer Contact Name to reflect responsibility for content of HPD
  • In Section 4: Accessories add response to indicate no accessories required

Updates to existing content

  • Update Third Party Verification data fields to include third party verification status, identify preparers and/ or verifiers
  • Update Publication to reflect HPDC Public Repository
  • Update Priority Hazard Lists
  • Correct references to GreenScreen to reflect trademark
  • Update references to GreenScreen Benchmarks
  • Check and update all referenced links
  • Update references and links to HPDC website
  • Update Glossary