Hazard lists are updated on a routine basis as new research and discoveries are found.  These lists may be updated annually, quarterly, or randomly depending on the organization maintaining the list.  So when looking at an HPD, how do you determine what version a specific hazard list is?

This can be done by visiting one of our partners the Healthy Building Network (HBN).  HBN has created a hazard screening tool called Pharos which can be accessed at Pharosproject.net.  HPDC uses Pharos to perform all hazard screenings on HPDs, so in order to look up the hazard lists that were screened, go to Pharosproject.net, click on "Hazard Lists," and then find the hazard list you are looking for and click on the list.  A page will come up with information on the hazard list and on the right side of the screen there is a line called "Updated List."  This line item has a date that describes the last time the hazard list was updated in Pharos and also on the HPD since Pharos provides the information.

Now that you know the updated list date you must look at the "Screening Date" in Section 1 of the HPD.  By comparing the "Screening Date" on the HPD and the "Updated List Date" in Pharos, you can determine if the HPD has the most up-to-date hazard list screening on it.

Here is a video demonstrating how to do it: