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Can HPD's not pre-checked for LEED Compliant still be LEED v4 compliant?

Hello. I'm looking at the HPD for 910 Asphalt Primer from Henry Company and to me it seems that the HPD is LEED compliant. However, the HPD is not marked as pre-checked for LEED v4 compliance. 

Can HPD's not pre-checked still be LEED compliant? If the HPD is not LEED compliant, what information is it missing?

Thank you

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Pre-checking for LEED compliance is an option for the manufacturer for HPDs completed under version 2.1 of the Standard -- the product manufacturer chooses to conduct the pre-check and to disclose the results (or not).  So the lack of a mark for compliance does not indicate whether it is compliant or not.  In this case, it appears the HPD is a version 2.0, so the Pre-Check for LEED was not available.

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