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Using HPDs with Revit®

A few of our design firm members are starting to think about using HPDs with Revit®.  What a great idea!  If this is something you are thinking about, we'd like to form a Community of Interest around this - please join in the conversation on this forum to let us know about your interest.  

Integration with BIM tools is something we have had in mind since the conception of the HPD started to take place.  There are a few more steps needed between where we are now with the HPD Builder 2.0, and when we would be able to make such an integration step.  So, not something that can be done immediately, but definitely on our longer term roadmap to work with the appropriate ecosystem partners to make an exciting tool like this available.  

Let us know if this interests you!

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At BuildingGreen we proposed the idea of a "stinkbug" plug-in for Grasshopper and/or Revit in jest, in our April Fools issue. But not everyone thinks it's a joke! We got responses that asked if we can't really generate a plug-in that sniffs out hazards ingredients in a BIM model. Wouldn't that be a nice HPD-Revit integration feature?


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