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Do HPDs have to be publicly available for download to count for LEED v4?

 I've come across a number of companies that created HPDs but are making them available only "upon request". The LEED credit language required "published" HPDs, which would suggest that an HPD that's only available upon request won't qualify.

Does anyone have experience with this, or definitive info?

And another LEED question: For HPD 1.0 declarations, many have not selected "1,000 ppm measured" because of the concern about how they can measure residuals when they don't know what they're looking for. The LEED guidance on this site: is pretty pretty clear that if "measured" isn't checked the HPD doesn't qualify for LEED v4 disclosure. My question is, has GBCI been holding to that, or are they being more lenient?


Regarding the question on "published" HPDs.  HPDC is introducing the HPD Public Repository, which will be open for public access in early November 2016.  The Repository provides a single, authoritative source for published HPDs.  With the advent of the Repository, HPDs that are "published" using the HPD Builder will be uploaded into the Repository, which is a public resource available at no charge, where simple searches can be performed and copies of HPD pdfs can be downloaded.  Manufacturers who have created HPDs outside the Builder, may also officially "publish" them by manually uploading them to the Repository.  Manufacturers may also choose to make their "published" HPDs publicly available through other means, such as on their own websites.

The HPD Public Repository was launched in November 2016.  With HPD Open Standard v2.1, the meaning of the term "published" has been clarified:

Published: the state of a completed Health Product Declaration that has been publicly released by the manufacturer for free public distribution.  The authoritative location for publishing HPDs is the HPD Public Repository []

There are now over 2600 published HPDs in the Repository.  Publishing and access to the Repository for search and download is free-of-charge to the public.  For HPDs created using the HPD Builder tool, the publish function is automated.  For HPDs created otherwise, a manual upload feature is provided for manufacturers to use on the Repository website.

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