HPD 2.1 Released!

On May 16, 2017 HPDC released the latest revision of the HPD Open Standard - version 2.1. This revision incorporates ease-of-use features to streamline creation and use of HPDs, and other improvements that enhance the overall effectiveness and utility of the HPD Open Standard, in response to user feedback. 

The HPD Open Standard provides a rigorous, standard methodology for detailed reporting of product contents and associated health information for building products.  Since the release of HPD Open Standard version 2.0 in September 2015, over 300 manufacturers have registered to use the HPD Builder tool to create HPDs.  Over 2500 published HPDs are available to the public - at no charge - in the HPD Public Repository. New HPDs are being created and published in the Repository on a regular basis.

Key elements of the 2.1 revision are:

· Harmonization with LEED v4 Material Ingredients credit requirements

o Harmonize Content Inventory formats

o LEED “pre-check” indicator - mechanical check to determine if LEED-required data elements are present - does not evaluate content for correctness

· Clarifications of existing content

o Clarify “Checklist” for compliant HPD

o Add separate lines for Product and Manufacturer Names

o Change “UNK” to “NoGS” for no GreenScreen listing

o In Exclusions revise Introduction and Disclaimer

o In References clarify Manufacturer Contact Name to reflect responsibility for content of HPD

o In Section 4: Accessories add response to indicate no accessories required

· Updates to existing content

o Update Third Party Verification data fields to include third party verification status, identify preparers and/ or verifiers

o Update Publication to reflect HPDC Public Repository

o Update Priority Hazard Lists

o Correct references to GreenScreen to reflect trademark

o Update references to GreenScreen Benchmarks

o Check and update all referenced links

o Update references and links to HPDC website

o Update Glossary

The revised HPD 2.1 Open Standard is available now for download, together with updated support and training resources, via the HPD Collaborative (HPDC) website.

HPDs that were created with version 2.0 will remain valid through their existing expiry dates.  Manufacturers will, at their option, be able to update an existing HPD 2.0 to the 2.1 revision using the HPD Builder tool.  The HPD Builder for version 2.1 is planned for release in June.  Registered users of the HPD Builder will receive a separate communication with information specific to HPD Builder 2.1.  Information regarding availability of the HPD Builder 2.1 is also available on the HPDC website. 

“The HPD Open Standard is continuing to evolve to reflect the growing practice of Material Health, which is still in its early stages in the building industry,” said Wendy Vittori, HPDC Executive Director. “This evolution will ensure that the HPD Open Standard reflects this learning and provides the solid foundation for reporting product content and associated health information that our industry can rely upon.”

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