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HPD Builder 2.1 UPDATE – 6/23/2017 – Enters Pilot Testing – Transition for All Users Planned for July

The HPD Open Standard Version 2.1 was released in mid-May, and during the past month we have completed the internal development and testing of the HPD Builder 2.1 to support creating HPDs with the updated Standard. This week we have our first wave of pilot testers working with the system – our extensive testing will ensure that when we launch it for all users in July it will be in great shape. We are currently planning for public availability of Builder 2.1 the week of July 24th. 

Once HPD Builder 2.1 becomes available, all new HPDs and updates to existing HPD version 2.0 reports will begin using version 2.1 of the Standard. If you have not yet checked out the new features in version 2.1, we have short videos available on our website that will take you through the changes. A great new feature in particular that will save time and reduce complexity for manufacturers and project teams alike is the LEED Pre-Check Indicator, which enables project teams to determine at a glance whether the data required for LEED compliance is present.

If you are a current HPD Builder 2.0 user, you will receive an email the week of June 27th that will provide you with detailed information about the new features of HPD Builder 2.1, the transition from Builder 2.0 to Builder 2.1, documentation and training resources. If you do not receive this email or have any questions about HPD Builder 2.1, please contact us or visit the HPDC Support Portal, where you can find information about all HPDC programs and the HPD Open Standard.

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