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Update on Technical Committee Progress on Special Conditions

HPD Open Standard v2.0 and v2.1 allow for the development of "Special Conditions."  Work to develop Best Practices to enable the reporting of certain substances and materials in such a manner is ongoing, led by the Special Conditions Technical SubGroup of the HPDC Technical Committee.  At the present time, these Best Practices have not yet been determined.  If you are creating an HPD in which one of more of the materials/substances in your product fall into the Special Conditions areas identified below, you are encouraged to report as much information about your product as you are able to provide, recognizing that at this time you may not be able to fully complete your HPD, such that it will be compliant for LEED or other material credits. We would encourage you to provide additional information about the material/substance in the Notes section of the HPD.  As Special Condition Best Practices are developed, you will be able to update your HPD to utilize the approved Special Conditions language.

We have created a "Special Conditions - Emerging Best Practices" Forum in the Community Forum section of the Support Portal.  To stay up-to-date on the latest information on Special Conditions - return to the Support Portal home page and click "Follow" on this forum.  This will ensure that you receive all the latest news on progress in this area.

3.5 Special Conditions for Materials and Substances (from HPD Open Standard v2.1)

The HPD Collaborative recognizes that there are limitations to disclosure in today’s emerging “era of transparency.” There is still much to be learned, and for some types of materials, the ability to identify and characterize substances and/or CAS numbers may be challenging, while in other cases there may be specific issues relating to the hazard screening by CAS number. Therefore, the HPD Collaborative is creating specific guidelines to address known issues (“Special Conditions”). Because the collective understanding about these materials and substances is constantly evolving, guidance related to Special Conditions is documented on the HPD Collaborative’s website as Emerging Best Practices as the guidance is developed. There may be changes to this guidance, and additional material and substance types may be added to this online area between releases of future versions of the HPD Open Standard. Therefore, it is important to review the online supplemental information when creating an HPD, and, if any Special Conditions are applicable, reference the Special Conditions version number in the Inventory and Screening Notes [See].

Special Conditions will be outlined for items such as the following (from the first version, Version SC-1.0):

biological material,ceramics,

defined substance without identifier,

electronics,float glass,form specific hazards,geological material,material with CAS RN but no specific molecular structure,metal alloy material,mixed hardware,reaction products,recycled content – mixture.

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