HPDC Releases HPD Open Standard Version 2.2

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Collaborative released HPD Open Standard Version 2.2 on May 7, 2019, the latest update to its industry-leading open standard for transparency and reporting building product contents and associated health information. The Release of Version 2.2 provides the opportunity for users to review the updated Standard and prepare for full implementation. Planned for Q3 2019, full implementation is when the HPD Builder, HPD Public Repository and APIs for electronic data exchange with other information systems will be updated to compliance with Version 2.2, and all newly-published HPDs will be required to be Version 2.2 compliant.

This update introduces a major new feature – the Supplier HPD, a specification and methodology for enabling standard-based ingredient reporting and transparency throughout the building product supply chain. Using the HPD Open Standard, manufacturers are able to provide accurate, reliable and consistent information to decision makers – architects, designers, building owners – to enable the selection of products featuring transparency and healthier building materials.

For more information and access to HPD v2.2 documents, click this link to visit the HPDC Website.

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